Cafe Eco, Paradoxic

Cafe Eco

The old CWA building is now home to Cafe Eco, run by the folks previously known as Paradoxic.

Cafe Eco prides themselves in having organic, locally grown foods and offers catering/meal preps for special diets and events. The team have your body’s nutritional needs down pat, and you can check their menu out for prices and nutritional breakdown of the proteins and calorie goodness you’ll be welcoming into your temple of a body.

Cafe Eco

Of course the Darwin Foodies team had to get a slice of the goodness and we got quite a few items that day.

This came out first and I thought, hey, that doesn’t look too bad. The chicken was cooked well and there was a decent amount of feta and kale in the mix. Colleague T said the coffee was not bad, apparently I was too busy tracing all the cute animals on the take away cup and missed what else he thought of the coffee.

Cafe Eco

The wrap was quite little, but it made up for that in flavour. The two colleagues that ordered it thoroughly enjoyed the sauerkraut hit and didn’t want the wrap to end.

Cafe Eco

 This was my order, and it was OK.

The sweet potato wedges were nice – I think they were steamed and then grilled just a little, which is a nice healthy alternative to the deep fried stuff.

I thought my meat was a little overcooked (but then again I’m the kind of carnivore that likes my patties moo-y). The charring on the meat was good, but I think a pinch of salt would have gone a long way. The rye bun was a little too dense and filling for my liking.

My colleague thought otherwise and really enjoyed my burger, it was much better than the ‘salad’ he got.

Cafe Eco

Well, it’s not exactly in the salad section of the menu, but not-quite-half a sweet potato with Italian flavours and limited salad definitely didn’t leave Colleague M impressed. Cafe EcoI think this was the only value for money dish we got. Colleague R did enjoy the burger, but like my steak burger it just needed that touch of seasoning to elevate the flavours.

The group’s consensus was that the serving sizes were on the small side, and I think it’s quite expensive for a mid-week lunch. We haven’t made the trip back there since, but I’m curious to see if there’s been any changes.
(Maybe we’ll bring a couple of the DF dogs; they’re a dog friendly cafe!)