Little Crumbs

I had a pretty epic weekend just gone, probably gained a kilo or two around the waist but I am totally not complaining. You see, I had a whole box (12) of Little Crumbs cupcakes practically to myself!! 3 for afternoon an snack, followed by 2 for breakfast the next day, one for post dinner desert, and a few for lunch the day after that. I would highly recommend a weekend of cupcake gluttony to everybody!

Rachael is the mastermind behind Little Crumbs – you've probably seen her cupcakes around various cafés in Darwin, easily recognisable by the big pile of flavoured cream on top. After starting the business on the side, it quickly consumed enough of her time to allow her to throw in her day job and follow her passion for baking. Yay for the entrepreneurial foodie spirit!

It all seems to be going really well in cupcake land considering the number of stockists and orders is ever growing, and just a little something I like to call 'these are farking delicious-itis'.  You know when you wake up in the morning and immediately make a beeline to the cupcakes in the fridge that something crazy good is going on.

I was told to keep them in an air tight container, but of course I ignored that and left them in the box. Fortunately, they were perfectly fine and moist when I delicately consumed the final cupcake 2.5 days later. I wonder what would have happened had I actually followed instruction.... men right!?

My favourite of the ones I tried would probably be the choc mud salted caramel popcorn (except the popcorn part which was a bit chewy/not so nice by the time I ate it), followed closely by the moistilicous choc mud. The lemon meringue picked up a bronze  medal with its delightful  hidden goop of lemon gooeyness in the centre. I'm not the biggest fan of anything with cream in it, but the pile on top of each cupcake here is mixed in with other flavours and has a nice fudge like texture to it. Light but not too rich or .... creamy, so I was pleasantly surprised here. Perhaps some icing based toppings would have been nice to mix things up a bit however.

You can order these for yourself or for your function over on the Little Crumbs webpage. She'll also whip you up custom made cakes too if your heart so desires. Two thumbs up from me!

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