WOW Sushi Burgers

WOW Sushi Burger Darwin markets fusion food

To the markets we go - we're so lucky that the markets are such an intergeral part of Darwin culture and spoilt for choice. We always love when new stores pop up and WOW Sushi is turning heads with their clever burger fusions.

If you weren't around for the ramen burger craze, a fusion burger replaces the burger buns for another sort of carbohydrates and the fillings are open to interpretation.

The 'buns'

WOW Sushi Burger Darwin markets fusion food

WOW sushi starts off with a crispy piece of nori, then two lightly fried rice patties reheated lightly in a sandwich press. We loved the thickness of the rice patty, not too thick and just thin enough to dry out. Lewis imports the rice from Taiwan and he was telling us how he flew all the way to meet the manufacturer to customise the quality of rice. Sweet effort made and much appreciated! 

The sauces

WOW Sushi Burger Darwin markets fusion food

Sauces are all house made. Lewis and his team do quite a bit of researching and produce their own recipes to taste.

The tobiko mayo had a generous helping of the flying fish roe, you gottaq try it to love it. The sticky garlicky teriyaki sauce is pungent and strong, perfectly delicious. I would buy a jar of it to eat with rice. The green tea mayo is milder and sweet to the palate, but I thought it didn't go as well with the potato croquette as a wasabi mayo might have.

Altogether now

WOW Sushi Burger Darwin markets fusion food

First up is the crowd favourite mackerel burger. I only got a tiny bite, but I loved the texture of the mackerel and the tumeric gave the fish a hint of earthiness. My partner finished this very, very quickly so no chance of a second bite!

The beef and corn burger. Beef well done already makes my mouth water. Add roasted corn and garlic teriyaki sauce to the mix and you have a winner waiting to be ingested! The beef, OMG, was cooked perfectly. Pink in the middle and tender soft, the crunchy corn was a great complimentary ingredient.  I almost went back for another but I had other burgers to eat, hah. 

WOW Sushi Burger Darwin markets fusion food

The potato croquette was very well done! Mashed potato laced with mixed veges, this was a pretty good replication of the loved Japanese staple. The crust was crunchy as, but I would have liked the panko a little coarser for more crunch factor.

As mentioned before, I would have preferred a bitey wasabi mayo for the sauce. I did mention this to Lewis and he had been in the last stages of finalising the recipe before I had mentioned about the wasabi!

WOW Sushi Burger Darwin markets fusion food

The team are working on new organic vegan options available also gluten free options, so we'll definitely be back for more :D

Make sure to follow them on Facebook to find out where they are next, but for now you can find them in Parap, Malak, Palmerston and Mindil Markets.

WOW Sushi Burger Darwin markets fusion food

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