Pink Chopstix

It only took some million years, but someone was brave enough to set up shop in the building in the far corner of the Waterfront. Moreover, they've been there since June last year, qualifying them as a veteran of the Darwin restaurant scene.

The venue is huge with a fantastic modern slick black and pink chic vibe. The girls from Black Pink would feel right at home here. Being tucked away in the corner of the waterfront, the quiet ambience allows you to enjoy the magnificent view outside. You can use the par car across the street to walk over too which is a bonus, there is no need to navigate the stupidly cramped maze that is the multi-storey car park at the Waterfront entrance! They also have their own toilet, unlike all the pleb restaurants in the neighbouring building

Our food came out quickly, we were the first to arrive so that was expected though.

The homemade pork dumplings were fantastic ($13), with nice thin pastry and juicy meaty goodness on the inside. We should have gotten two plates, but there was plenty more food coming.

The chicken satays were fabulous ($16). Not much else to say here, just look at the picture.

Next up was the 8-hour slow-cooked wagyu beef brisket hot pot ($40). Here we have a thickish umami bomb of a sauce with tender pieces of beef brisket. Special mention to the potatoes inside, they were soooo soft and soaked up all the sauce. Some more of the potatoes would have been welcomed.

The kids went with the sweet and sour pork ($30), a good choice. The batter was crispy and the sauce ticked the sweet 'n' sour box perfectly - the balance, leaning slightly towards sour which is just right in my humble expert opinion. The pork itself was a little on the chewy side, some sort of tenderisation is needed.

I've saved the best for last - the signature whole-fried barramundi in special sauce ($88). Presented like an aquatic god, complete with a temple constructed of carrots in my honour. If I were a fish, I would want to be sent off to Fish Valhalla like this.  Crispy fried skin gives way to moist tender flesh, then bathed in a deliciously balanced sauce of sour, spicy, sweet, sweet, sweet perfection. So freaking good!

Service was great - there were enough staff running about to run a cruise ship.

Pricing - not cheap, this isn't a suburban Chinese take-out at the local corner shop. The waterfront views and floor space come with a tax and all those waitstaff aren't volunteering either. I suggest that you time your visit to coincide with pay week.

Steamed rice - nit picking here but it was a touch on the dry side for my liking. That's a personal preference though as my dad would love it.

Overall, Pink Chopstix is a fantastic dining experience with tasty, modern Asian cuisine. If you're aiming to impress your in-laws, tinder date, future wife, current wife or wife on the side, then add Pink Chopstix to your list.

Contact details
7 Anchorage Court
Darwin NT 0810
0415 956 288
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