One Waffle + TwoPeck Crispy Chicken Gateway

Since July 2023, This place is tucked away in a corner, a hidden gem. Situated on the outside of Gateway Pavilion, next to Baskin Robbins. 

But wait… it gets better, did you know they’re in Casuarina as well? They’re right next to Gloria Jeans in the food court! 

Back to Gateway, the way it works is, it’s structured to be made to order with some seating and a playground right in front of the venue for the kids to play.

In a simplistic and modern design, One Waffle with the pink and white theme. The striking feature wall with a large bubble tea and neon writing is an eye catcher, good lighting for a selfie.

The other side is the TwoPeck Crispy Chicken, with a striking yellow and a bubbly logo to represent a friendly and always happy team.

One Waffle serves amazing bubble teas that go down a treat with or after a hearty bite of the chicken. Once you’re done and craving dessert, look no further if you just turn around you can grab yourself dessert to finish off your meal, the mighty waffle and ice cream is a no brainer for the kids, various flavours, customisable and comes in a big serve (dad’s prepare to finish the waffles, diet starts tomorrow).

TwoPeck serves various of chicken meats using the legs, thighs, breast, and heck if you’re really hungry grab yourself a whole chicken in a meal (I know I do, makes for a good lunch the next day) or various other combo favourites you can choose from based on your stomach.

As I said, the food comes out fresh so be prepared to wait, especially during the busy times between 5pm to 7pm. I was the first to arrive on opening hours so It didn’t take long, roughly 10 to 15 minutes. During peak hour, might take double the time but don’t worry it is totally worth it!

The chicken is coated in their own blend of marinade and cooked to perfection. Whatever is in there, I want more of it! It does have a slight sweetness to it, but the beauty of TwoPeck is that they offer different flavouring. My go to is the salt and pepper, why? It makes it kid friendly. However, if it was just me, I recommend the mild spice or low spice depending on your tolerance, it balances out that slight sweetness.

If you’re in that mood ‘I could eat but I don’t want something big’, think about grabbing the chicken Bao bun! Oh. My. Gosh. So yummy, It’s just enough to satisfy you, the bun is soft and the chicken is tasty.

Now you’re wondering the price, in terms of the serving size I believe the price you’re paying is fair, it’s not too pricey and not to cheap happy medium but that of course is subjective.

Now in closing, I’m going back to get some more chicken.