Cafes & Restaurants open Christmas 2018

With only a few days to Christmas, the most asked question right now is where to eat this Christmas in quiet town Darwin. 

Hotel restaurants and the casino will be open for suresie, but with any other establishment it's best to book it in. 

We shan't dilly-dally so here's the list of places that we've found... or could find. If you find a place that we've missed, let us know on Facebook and we'll add to this page!

Place 24/12
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
Airport Tavern Open Open Open
Alley Cats Patisserie 6am - 3pm Closed Closed
Bar Tapa Vino   Christmas Day Lunch, booking required  
Café Bellisimo 7am - 3pm Closed 7am - 3pm
Cafe Central Darwin 7am - 2:30pm Closed Closed
Cazalys Palmerston Club 10am - midnight Closed 10am - midnight
Club Tropical Resort Darwin   Christmas Day Lunch  
Colquhoun's Coffee Open Closed Closed
DoubleTree by Hilton   Christmas Day Lunch, booking required  
Fannie Bay Cool Spot 7am - 3pm Closed Closed
Fresh Point Co. Cafe 7am - 3pm 9am - 2pm 8am - 3pm
Four Birds Cafe Open    
Hanuman Darwin Open Open Open
Indian Foods, Groceries & Takeaway 11am - 4pm Closed Closed
Kopi Stop 7.30am - 11am (coffee only, limited food) 7.30am - 11am (coffee only, limited food) 7.30am - 11am (coffee only, limited food)
La Cure Coffee Shop   Open Open
Laneway Specialty Coffee Open Closed Open
Le Bistro Rakuya Open Closed Open
Little Miss Korea Open for lunch and dinner, booking required    
OKA Malaysian & Chinese Cuisine Open Closed Open
OKA Teppanyaki Open Closed Closed
Parap Tavern Open Open Open
Palmerston Tavern   Christmas Day Lunch Buffet, booking required  
Seafood on Cullen Open    
Sweet Brew & Co  7am - 3pm Closed 8am - 2pm
The Cav Open Open Open
The Cove Open Open Open
The Landmark Christmas Eve starting at 10am    
The Fork and Dagger Bar & Grill   Premium Seafood Christmas Day Luncheon, booking required  
Wisdom Bar & Cafe 10am - late    
Yogi's Way 7:30am - 2pm 7:30am - 2pm 7:30am - 2pm