Meal Prep Lunch and Dinners in Darwin

Meal Preperation Lunch and Dinners in Darwin NT

Meal preparation a.k.a let's-be-lazy-the-whole-week is a food revolution that's taking the world a little while to get their head around. It's pre-packaged, home cooked style meals for the week, primed and ready for your microwave and mouth in that particular order.

Some places gives a breakdown of nutrients per meal - look out for the term 'macro' and a hefty table of numbers.

You can totally do it yourself but, let's be honest, it's always better when someone else cooks for you :)

Wait no more! Here's our list of meal-preppers in Darwin.

The Super Keep Fit Guys

Paradoxic and Café Eco are all eco friendly businesses with the use of biodegradable packaging and responsibly sourced ingredients with high usage of fair trade and locally produced items.

Menu: On Facebook
Order method: Call or text, pick up in store, delivery around city area
Options: 1 to how ever many meals (20 plus a week gets bulk prices), Paleo, Custom
Cost per meal: $9.50 - $15.50
Bonus: Puppy can come for the meal-pick-up ride.


Karma Cafe and Fitness

12 Salonika Street
Parap NT 0820
0449 073 902

The cafe was recently awarded TripAdvisor 2016 Certificate of Excellence, so they must be doing something right! Karma Cafe offers a wholesome healthy lifestyle boot with food and physical fitness.

Menu: In store, or call
Order method: In store or call for a free consultation, pick up in store
Options: Gluten free, Vegetarian, Custom
Cost per meal: Varying, starting from $10
Bonus: Time to time they run bootcamps outside the cafe. 


Rawgasm Paleo Cafe & Juice Bar's side (ad)venture offers meals by your weight range, ensuring that you have the perfect amount of nutrients for your body. 

Menu: On website
Order method: Order online, pick up in store
Options: 5-21 meals/snacks, Gluten free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, Custom
Cost per meal: $11 - $21
Bonus: Raw cakes for when your knees are weak for sugar.


Nutrition Station Cafe

The Quarter, Casuarina Shopping Square
Casuarina NT 0810

Their vaccummed sealed NU meals are pretty spiffy looking. The franchise around Australia is officially fuelling The Cronulla Sharks for the 2016 season!

Menu: On NUmeals website
Order method: Order online, pick up in store
Options: 5-21 meals, Gluten free, Vegetarian
Cost per meal: From $10.50 per day
Bonus: Apparenlty you can pick up your order in an hour.

Indian Curries For the Win

Amma's has only recently joined the meal prep gang - who can resist some Sri Lankan curry goodness?

Menu: Call, or in store
Order method: Pick up in store
Options: Gluten free, Vegetarian
Cost per meal: $11 - $14
Bonus: Pappadums always crack me up.


Tina's Secret Recipe

Wanguri NT 0810
0434 828 213

Tina's 100% authentic smoked Tikka Masala cooked with juicy boneless chicken pieces has got us hiding in secret spots so we don't have to share.

Menu: On Facebook
Order method: Call or text, pick up from Wanguri
Options: Gluten free, Vegetarian
Cost per meal: $8 - $16
Bonus: You have the option to buy a rice combo or a full tub of butter chickeny goodness 

Like Yo Momma's Cooking

Trina's Catering

Saint Mary's Football Club
Abala Road
Marrara NT 0812
0417 112 740

Trina offers nutritious and delicious meals at St. Mary's Footy Club feeding players, umpires, scorers and maybe yourself. We love the 'family size' option!

Menu: On Facebook
Order method: Order online, pick up in store or extra cost for delivery
Options: Single, double or family sizes, Vegetarian, Healthy
Cost per meal: $8 - $13
Bonus: Pulled pork soft tacos kits. Enough said.


Order your easy to portion meals and freeze if needed with these guys - we heard the lasagna's are on fleck and made locally with local ingredients!

Menu: Via email
Order method: Order via email by Monday, pick up in store or $10 extra for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday deliveries
Options: As per menu
Cost per meal: $12 - $30, in serves of four
Bonus: Get a six pack of Sailors Brew delivered with your meals, arr!



Palmerston NT 0830
0451 090 093, 0424 059 044

OK, OK, this isn't really meal prep but dinner + delievery for $10 is a epic deal! You gotta be quick, orders close by 3pm and the popular dishes like beef strogganoff and Fe's Famous Adobo run out the moment when the menu is released Sunday arvo.

Menu: On Facebook
Order method: Call, text, Facebook message
Options: As per menu
Cost per meal: $10
Bonus: Cost includes delivery - means you never have to change out of your PJ's! 

Email us if you have a secret meal prepper that all of Darwin needs to know of!