MOJO Kombucha

Kombucha (pronounced kom-boo-cha) -  you may have heard about it here and there but you probably haven't had the guts to try it yet.

It's OK, we're here to tell you a little more about it :)

MOJO Kombucha is Australian made sparkling drink with living probiotics. It starts as a tea which is brewed, then fermented with a Kombucha culture which adds on the living enzymes and organic acids. It sounds a little scary and borderline gross, but I promise, it's all the good stuff for your guts.

Each batch is made small, so there's a tight quality control and only the best certified organic ingredients is used. 

There's so many good things about Kombucha, here's some points:

  • No added sugar – it is only used at start of the ferment to feed the culture
  • MOJO is a living product – full of living healthy yeast and bacteria
  • Unfiltered – we are batch to bottle
  • It has floating bits in it – these are part of the Kombucha goodness
  • Australian Made and Australian family owned
  • MOJO is living it’s found in the fridge – NEVER on a shelf
  • Certified Organic
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Gluten Free

Plus points to regular Kombucha drinking

  • High in Acetic Acid - great for asthma and seasonal allergies
  • Our probiotic (BACILLUS COAGULANS GBI-30), hava a more positive immune response
  • Helps with arthritis, (decrease in pain, a decrease in inflammation and an increase in mobility)
  • A rare, vegan friendly source of B12 which is bioavailable and naturally occurring. Approx 80% RDI.

There's other good things about Kombucha, there's word that it helps with lactose intolerance and as a hangover preventive and cure!


We were very lucky to have tried all nine flavours, they're yummy in their own way. Kombucha does need some getting used to, so don't be fazed if you don't like your first bottle! Just keep trying till you find one that fits your palate ;)

MOJO Kombucha Original

Original's a good one to start with if you're a Kombucha virgin - it's like a fizzy apple cider vinegar that isn't too strong. You can use this as a base and add your own flavours too.


Blueberry Ginger one is more on the gingery side and not quite the blueberry flavour that I had hoped. Strawberry Hibiscus is rather sweet and aromatic, and seems to be a crowd favourite! Kids seem to like strawberry one the best.

If I had to pick a favourite out of the three berry flavours, my winner would have to be the Raspberry Passion one.

It's tangy and a great balance of the tart raspberry and passionfruit flavours that can get very overpowering if you over do it.

(I'm imagining a icy glass of this with muddled fresh raspberries and a sprinkle of chia seeds at a swimming pool somewehere. Mmmm-mmmm!) 


Now you'd think vinegar and lemon might be enough acidicness to cook your tongue like ceviche right? I was a little skeptical as I opened this one - there's so many things that do lemon so wrong, wrong, wrong and I had my fingers cross that this wasn't one of those 'essence of lemon' tacky flavours. 

Much to my delight, it's more like a lemon peel flavour - mild, but enough to make that difference like a fancy lemon tart. My partner said it tastes like 'they soaked a whole lemon in it'. Which, I have no doubt is what probably happened in the brew stage!

As it says: 'perfect'.

No annoying crunchy pips that should be a cousin to popcorn kernals, and just perfect punchy passion fruit flavour. 

Another personal favourite, definitely one to stock up on!


And the last three is the Ginger Tonic, Tumeric Trio and Peppermint Greens. 

This is quite literally my thought process as I tasted the three:

  • Ginger tonic YES it's so going to taste like ginger beer
  • ba-ba-baaaaaam, it's more like old ginger tea
  • I feel like I got punchd by a old ginger tea
  • It's so strong, but so good.
  • Oh hey sinuses, you're back!
  • Ehhh, tumeric. Not sure what to think of this one.
  • Oh, but it's got carrot and the other good things. Might be OK.
  • OH. It's like Love Thy Juice's Ginger Ninja with tumeric sprinkled on. 
  • Not bad, not bad.
  • I don't think I can drink the whole thing though.
  • I should though, because tumeric is good for me.
  • *breaaaathe* 
  • Damn, that peppermint one smells pretty yummy in a mild way. 
  • So. many. green. floaties.
  • (while chugging it) Oh.
  • The peppermint is actually really, really yummy! The taste isn't vegetablely and the peppermint is just right. Like eating candy.
  • *drinks more*


You can find MOJO Kombucha goodies at the following places:

Quick cheat map of all MOJO Kombucha retailers in Darwin

If you're a store looking to get some Kombucha in, just send us a email and we'll get you in touch with the NT brand ambassador ;)


So how did I go, after drinking 9 bottles of Kombucha?

I drank on average one a day, but from the taste test to the day I binned my last bottle was about 12 days. It's probably not quite enough in my system to say that it's definitely made a super change, but I've had a small win:

I've always get sore bellies when I overdo lactose and carbs. There was one day I purposely made the cheesiest, creamiest carbonara I could possibly make and ate it over two days and had one day with Kombucha. The usual happened when I didn't have the Kombucha, and my guts just decided to punch me internally and make the bigesst fuss intestines could make. On the day I did have the Kombucha the symptoms didn't hit me till much later, and it was a much milder bout. 

I think if I were to start drinking Kombucha more regularly the lactose intolerance could be managed and the point about better immune response is promising. I'll let you know how I go in about 6 months, OK?

With that, I say adieu, and good luck on your Kombucha journey!

Photo credits to MOJO Kombucha Australia