The Quarter, the new Casuarina

It's been a week since the hottest-talk-of-the-town opened its doors and what can we say, we're in love!

Big thanks for the management team at Casuarina for inviting us for a tasting tour around The Quarter -  lucky us got to join the big media crew teams Channel 7, 9, 10 and radio stations Hot100 . We posted a tonne of pictures on our social media outlets, you should totes follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you haven't already :D

We're really happy to see the Darwin crowd getting more mature into the restaurant scene and we needed more place to venture to later into the night. 

There's been a heap of official media write ups with more details but we're just going to dive right into the food ;)

The Big Boys We Know

Hog's Breath

Happy Hog’spitality! Grab your 18 hours slow cooked tender, mouth-watering steak with a friend or two.


The Coffee Club

Coffee and Grilled Haloumi Bruschetta with poached egg and pesto sounds like a perfect lunch date to me!



The Tear & Share ($25.95 for half chicken, $35.95 for whole chicken) is marinated for 24 hours and basted in your choice of flavour & flame-grilled to perfection, is definitely damn finger licking good. 


The Groove Train

Breakfast, lunch, dinner & desserts here with their perculiar international menu mix. Their speciality of wood-fired pizzas like Gourmet Lamb ($25.90) with mozzerella and Groove's Tasting Favourites to Share ($24.90) of eggplant chips, salt & pepper calamari, bruschetta, polenta chips & grilled Spanish chorizo sausage are yummmmy!


The Cantina, Mad Mex

This little laid back corner has got the fun, casual vibes of a local stall with it beautiful display of drinks and over head rattan basket lights. We haven't tried too much of the Mexican fare yet but their food look really appetising. Bring on the somberos and tequila! 



The crispiest Roti Canai ($9.50) has got us drooling. Their astounding range of authentic Asian fare has got us reeling - there's something for every meal! If it's your first time there the ordering style is like in a dim-sum restaurant. There'll be a little order sheet where you pop your order number and quantity, then hit the buzzer on the table for one of the staff members to process your order. And if you're a laska adventurer, try their Assam Laksa ($17.90). It's spicy and sour, nothing like the market laksas Darwin is known for. 

The Healthy Punchers


The Burger Gods have smiled graciously upon us and blessed us with some damn good ones. Tailor your perfect burger with choice of your bun, perfect patty of beef, chicken, lamb, veggie and extras starting from $13. Be nice to you and your friends and get the Chips Share Plate ($14). We really love that Grill'd makes the effort to give back to the community - look out for the donation 'Local Matters' bottles.


Nutrition Station

Healthy food made devilish delicious and Instagram-worthy? Hoo-yes. Their version of Eggs Benny with kaleanaise sauce ($16.95) and The Low GI with mushrooms on rye ($17.95) are definitely ones to try for breakkie. If you're unsure about the super healthy stuff there's a range of Pancakes ($12.95) that taste as good as the unhealthy ones. Lactose intolerant folks can also rejoice, Cocowhip is a damn fine ice cream alternative for $6 a serve. Did we mention there's burgers and pre-packaged meals to try as well? 


Sushi Bay

Sushi train is the best way to taste the little bite sized Japanese works of art. We loved how much effort and love they put in every roll and cut they make and the healthy alternatives like black rice. If you're not sure what to order just ask the friendly staff for a suggestion - we were given two hot favourites, the Pink Lady (raw salmon, orange, tuna, avocado) and Lion King (cooked salmon, tuna, avocado, roe). We have yet to try their noodles or rice bowls, but they sure look delicious as! 


Baskin Robbins

Ice cream, sorbert, milkshake, thickshake, sundaes everyday! Their funky flavours are from a different reality, we loved Love Potion #31, Movie Theatre Popcorn, Peanut Butter 'N Chocolate and Rockin' Cotton Candy. Prices range from $5 - $13. If you're keen, join Club 31 and enjoy the free ice creams, discounts and monthly lucky draws.



Have it as a drink or a dessert, either way we're welcoming this bunch with open arms. If you've never had a cup of tapioca pearl goodness it's time to break the ice and just chew (do) it. For a first timer we'd suggest a Fruity Iced Tea with Coconut Jelly (about $5.50), for the experienced and adventurous try something from their premium milky range like Oolong Milk Tea or Thai Milk Tea (about $7). 


Max Brenner

Probably the most popular of the lot, the chocolate franchise offers a bucket tonne of cocoa goodness. We know that Darwin already loves it to bits - everytime we've gone past there's a heck of a queue full of excited faces! 
We've had Tutti-Frutti Waffles ($16) with a Hug Mug Hot Chocolate ($7) for breakfast... everything else on the menu would make a spectacular late night naughty treat :D