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Darwin Foodies


The O.A.K Dinner

The Outdoor Australian Kitchen (O.A.K) is exactly what you think the name portrays - it's a real grill and chill spot and we absolutely love what they've done with the place!

Besser Brew Bar

Blink and you'll miss the swanky industrialised version of Laneway, Besser Kitchen & Brew Bar. Initially I thought the name was a little strange (try saying it 10 times quick) but now it rolls off my tongue easily, almost as easily for me to waltz in and plonk myself in the corner.

The Poolside Restaurant at DoubleTree by Hilton Darwin

The Doubletree Hilton is a little getaway hotel next to it's more well known big brothers, blink and you'll drive past it easy. We did exactly that - so look out for the massive '122' on the Esplanade or make sure you go into the enterance at the very end of the Esplanade!

Mitchell's Bar and Grill Weekend High Tea

I've been very naughty the past few weeks. If I sees it, I eats it. My excuse is that I was sick earlier this month, hence I needed to eat lots to have the strength to... eat more food and blog about...

Mr. Brown's Raw Treats

Pretty to the eyes? Check. Kind to the waist? Triple check. Lucky us got a bunch of Mr. Brown's raw goodies to try... Healthy food that tastes incrdible? CHECK.