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Darwin Foodies


The Bell Bar & Bistro

Bellamack is home to a bounty of exciting new cafes and restaurants along Flynn Circuit - The Bell Bar & Bistro being the largest and busiest of the lot.

Curve Café and Bar

I may have said this before in previous reviews, but I'll say it again anyway - hotel restaurants in Darwin are serving some seriously good food. Think about it – they have big kitchens and teams,...

The Precinct Tavern's new dinner menu

Seeing as it's Masterchef season, we thought we would take our newly acquired, and probably not the greatest, food analytical skills for a whizz to see how many times we could use a Masterchef reference. And boy did we succeed.

Monsoons Lunch

The Monsoons crew is shaking things up for the city lunch crew with their $15 meals! They were ever so kind to invite a few of Darwin’s foodies so you might have seen some similar pictures. These...

Cafe 21 Smith

A new regular of hours for an easy dinner after work. The food isn't going to feature on Masterchef, however it is excellent value plus the service and venue are both fantastic. The chips are legit awesome too :D

HelloFresh delivers "everything but the chef"

HelloFresh has just become available in Darwin so we gave it a shot. They plan the meals for you and deliver food and recipes to your house every week. No thinking, no shopping, no food waste and you get to look like a domestic goddess - or so they say.